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Diaz is a local legend to many musicians of the San Gabriel Valley. His musical roots stem from East Los Angeles where he  attended Belvedere elementary and Roosevelt High School. His first commercial success was playing for a band called  The General Store. They opened for acts like The Grateful Dead, Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly.   After the band broke up he landed a job giving lessons at the now famed Johnny Thompson Music Store and nurtured talent there over a decade (1968-1979). At that time he no idea that he would mentor some of the best musicians to ever come out of the San Gabriel Valley.  Take for example Joey Delgado who is the recipient of the Albert King  Best Blues Guitarist Award given at the 2016 International Blues Challenge. In fact Joey along with his brothers won the Best Blues band of 2016 in the same challenge. Another example is guitarist Mike Albert who recorded and toured 7 albums with the band El Chicano before joining metal legends Megadeth and guitarist.  The list continues with many others like  Ruben Guaderrama (The Blazers) Ronny Reyes (Yaki) Luis Ruiz (Felony), Manny Valdez (Los Illegals) Adrian Monge, Bobby Robles, Carlos De La Paz, and many more. He is loved by local legends John Avila and Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez (Oingo Boingo), Jimmy Espinosa (Thee Midnighters) Gino Matteo, Michael Tover, Joey Guerra, and a whole slew of other local musicians.  

Diaz is a 3 time cancer survivor who lives on a fixed income but that has not slowed him down one bit.  At age 70 he still is considered a "hired gun" and gigging with numbers bands like Jumping Jack Benny,  the Bobby Z. Band, Harlan Spector. Diaz never seriously dreamed of putting out an album of his own for two reasons.  First off, at a young age he wrote a song and presented it to his mentor, who mocked the title. This discouraged him from ever sharing his musical ideas for fifty years.  Secondly, he assumed it could not be done with no budget. 

With the help of Industry Veteran Joanne Ledesma (SGVmusic founder), Diaz was convinced it might be possible to create an album of his own.  With the help of family and friends Diaz was able to raise $1500 to cover a small portion of the cost to get the ball rolling.  Ledesma made several calls to some of Diaz former students and fellow musicians the word got out.  Musicians of the SGV are flooding the studio with time their and skills to pay tribute to Diaz.   The album is duly titled Lessons in Music and is in production now. A Music Tribute, mini documentary and celebration is scheduled for  Sunday February 12, 2017 at the dA center of Arts in Pomona. 

For More Information  visit www.DannyDiazGuitar.com